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History of Hurry Tomorrow

The "landmark" cinema verite documentary filmed inside a locked psychiatric ward
at Metropolitan State Hospital in Los Angeles. 
Controversy, Justice, Walking Zombies, Proud Paranoids, Whitney Museum, Governor Jerry Brown, Mario Obledo, The Dilemma of Mental Commitments, Robert Wise- The Sound of Music.
Hurry Tomorrow a film by Richard Cohen and Kevin Rafferty


1.   Controversy: San Francisco to Boston (September-December 1975)
  Hurry Tomorrow “passionate purposeful film” or “ misguided muckraking”

2.   Justice rising in Los Angeles (November 1975 and beyond…)
      “On the basis of the film an  investigation should be launched into conditions"

3.   Hurry Tomorrow premieres September 30, 1975:
Walking Zombies on screen at the Clay Theater
        “It is impossible to not look at the film with terror and wonderment”

4.   Hi-Energy Movers, high praise and Proud Paranoids (Oregon 1975)
      Ken Kesey, Joseph Heller, Catch 22, a quarter of a million dollars…

5.   The List (1976)
      Hurry Tomorrow at the Whitney Museum of American Art

6.   Watching Hurry Tomorrow with Governor Brown on July 4, 1976
Mario Obledo stopped the film after twenty minutes. He had seen enough.

7.   Kiss Tell
      From my hospital bed I became a six-year old fan of  "Walter Cronkite’s…

8.   Kiss Tell part 2
      A moment later a therapist came out and took her into the office. We  followed them.

9.   Kiss Tell All
   The Dilemma of Mental Commitments in California
10. Kiss Tell All part 2
      “I was unprepared for the impact.” 
       Robert Wise,  Director and Producer (The Sound of Music, West Side Story)

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Hurry Tomorrow- 80 minutes

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