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Hurry Tomorrow - 80 min.
The "landmark" documentary filmed inside a locked psychiatric ward
at Metropolitan State Hospital in Los Angeles

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Hurry Tomorrow

A film by Richard Cohen and Kevin Rafferty
Directed and Edited by Richard Cohen
Cinematography and Additional Editing by Kevin Rafferty
Produced by Richard Cohen and Kevin Rafferty
Sound and Additional Camera by Josh Morton 
Production Assistant - Richard Davis
Additional Camera Richard Wedler  
Additional Sound  Marie Consiglio

$119 college, university, institution and business with PPR
$39   home video/DVD for personal use





“A disturbing indictment of the assaults on human dignity practiced in many of this country’s mental hospitals”
      Mack.  VARIETY

“As frightening and affecting a documentary as you may ever see …I recommend it highly.” 

“Shocking, important and apt to make us feel angry at both Hollywood and ourselves for wasting
so much time on cinematic entertainment.”
     Joe Kornfeld, BOSTON HERALD




"A passionate, purposeful film document, all the more real for its righteous prejudice against unreasoning authority."
     Andrew Kopkind, WBCN RADIO, Boston

“A masterpiece”
      Paul Krassner, CRAWDADDY MAGZINE




“…Spent Fourth of July morning watching the movie and discussing the issue of watching people get hypodermic needles in their rear ends down at the State Hospital, and it did raise a question in my mind.  I’ve asked the Director of Health to tell me how many drugs are being put into people’s bodies.  I’d like to know the volume of chemicals that are presently being ingested or being – what would be the active word – put into people either voluntarily or involuntarily.  That was a complaint I got when I visited the Women’s prison in Frontera, that they said that everybody is doped up on Prolixin.  I hope we can reduce that."

Alan's face as he lay in restraint. “Manhood is pre-empted and the degradation is total among humbled men in the ward. HURRY TOMORROW is absolute and unflinching and its raw power is sustained by its concentration on what is rather than what could be.”  



"Hurry Tomorrow is the most important film on hospital life to emerge in the last ten years and goes way beyond Titicut Follies or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in its indictment of mental hospital conditions. ...beautifully made."
      Alan Rosenthal, THE DOCUMENTARY CONSCIENCE       (UC Berkeley Press, 1980)

"Harrowing.... The film provoked outrage
and changed laws."
     Linda Gross, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES (1982)




Grand Prize - Ann Arbor Film Festival

Selected for presentation at
international film festivals including:
London, Edinburgh, Filmex, Perth,
Rotterdam, Festival de Popoli.

PBS Special & featured on
CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite.

Copyright 1975, Halfway House Films. (80 minutes)


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